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Appointment with Neurologist tomorrow

Hello everyone, I have got a first appt tomorrow with Neurologist, I think I’m prepared, I’ve got a list of symptoms etc and my sister is coming with me. Other than me giving a history what else can I expect? Thanks

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1 year ago

They may do some, balance, strength and eye tests and pin prick tests with you. None of them hurt and aren’t invasive.
If you have a timeline on your symptoms that would be great to bring as well.
Good luck.

1 year ago

yes I’ve got a timeline, starting to feel a bit panicky and emotional now, I hope I can stay calm

1 year ago

You may require further testing such as MRIs, lumbar puncture, evoked potential testing or bloods to rule out things that have similar symptoms as MS such as lupus, Lyme disease and some vitamin deficiencies. Deep breaths and try to relax. Stress isn’t good for anyone.

1 year ago

C A L M @george1960….. Stressing doesn’t change anything for the better. Go with the flow. They may test reflexes, eyes following fingers, standing with eyes shut. Whatever, it’s better to have a professional diagnosis than to speculate.
Good Luck!!!!!

1 year ago

Hi George, try not to panick, panicking makes you feel worse. When I was diagnosed they sent me for MRI and lumbar puncher, neither really hurts and is really good to know the correct diagnosis, bloods will probably be needed at some point if not tomorrow. Thinking back to when I was diagnosed it feels like things were so stressful at the time, obviously trying to cope with a condition that you know nothing about is really hard, but it’s not as bad as you first think about it. I’ve had it for 12 years and it was diagnosed around 9 years ago, I think I would of loved for someone to of given me advise at the time but I kind of run away from it all and tried to ignore it, everyone deals with it in their own way, just keep thinking that your not alone, you have us to talk to if you have any questions or if your feeling low. Always staying positive helps, a positive mind set is its own medicine soemtimes 🤗

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