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3 months ago

If your waiting to see your Neuro and you have already been prescribed your drug, stick with it unless you hear differently from your ms nurse or the Neurologists office is my advice.🤞😜

3 months ago

@stacey – you’re Neuro will look at your MRI to determine if the Copaxone is effective or not. Assuming you trust your neuro, I would stick with what they have you on; sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s working or not. I was on Copaxone for a while before being switched to Tecfidera but everyone is different.

3 months ago

@lightningduck I’m not sure if capaxone is strong enough after my last relapse, what is your new treatment? Iv not head of it before.

3 months ago

@stacey – It’s not a matter of “strong enough” Everybody has different responses to how the DMD (or any medication) is absorbed into their systems and that is usually a better indicator of how well a particular drug will work for a particular person more so than the actual medication itself. Unfortunately, this can take months or often years to determine what drug is most effective for what person. Tecfidera is an oral drug that came out a few years ago that does seem to be having very positive results. It’s definitely worth talking to your neuro, though, about the efficacy of your current treatment and other options

3 months ago

It is my view that the CRAB drugs (Copaxone is one of them) should not be prescribed now as there are far more effective ones. There is a lot of information on the Barts MS blog about this. You’ve had a relapse so it’s not working

3 months ago

@stacey of it were me I’d ask the neuro why they haven’t put you on the most efficacious drugs available now. Copaxone certainly isn’t one of them.

As mentioned previously here: the Barts MS blog is the place to look for clinical stuff.

You’ll see the prevailing wisdom I’d to move patients from much older drugs such as Copaxone.

Put in a different way, why use a Nokia 6110 when there are smartphones (apple etc) available?



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