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Anyone experienced rosacea?

I’ve always had good skin until the last year or so. I’ve developed rosacea, predominantly on my cheeks and nose. The skin is red and every morning I have several new small white headed spots. At first these were just on my nose but they’ve started appearing on my cheeks too. A bit of research tells me there’s a potential link between rosacea and auto immune illnesses so thought I’d see if anyone here can help. Does anyone have this? Are you taking anything for it which is working, or using any over the counter creams etc? I’m on Tec so need something which won’t react. Thanks in advance for your help!

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1 year ago

Hi, I have rosacea – Mine is entirely redness and stinging and flares up usually when I am in the sun, cold wind, if I wear make up, use certain products, or if I drink. I have never been for a diagnosis or treatment as it has never really been a big issue for me. When I realised I have it I looked it up, this website was helpful there is a lot in there.

I use Sanex Atopicare cream in the morning and before bed, I only wash my face with Simple fragrance free gentle face wash twice a week and the rest of the time just water, and I basically avoid all the triggers but I’m super pale and burn easily and feel sick when I’m too hot so I avoid the sun anyway, and I have no desire to wear make up or drink so it is usually the cold wind where I get caught out. When it flares up I also use double base gel at night.

I appreciate that for anyone who enjoys the sun, or drinking, or wearing make up (which lots of people do) that might not be very welcome news! Have you spoken to a doctor about it?

1 year ago

Hi, thanks for your reply. I haven’t been to the doc yet but have got an appt with my MS nurse in 2 weeks so will speak to her first. I find whenever i go to the GP they are pretty clueless about Tecfidera and what it can and cant be taken with and i end up having to go back to tge MS service and check everything anyway, so thought I’d tackle it the other way round this time.
Unlike you, I love the sun and my MS tolerates it ok, wear make up every day and like a drink too so maybe I’m not helping myself!

1 year ago

Yeah it is worth asking a professional about it especially when you have to be careful of medications. I can definitely see how it would be much more problematic if for anyone who wants to enjoy those things that seem to trigger it. Having said that, they’re the things I’ve noticed for me and you might have different triggers and treatments! Have you noticed it flaring up at any time in particular? It might help just to take a log of when it’s been better or worse and what was different about those times to help build up a list of what helps or exacerbates it for you? Hope you find the things that will make it more manageable 🙂

1 year ago

I was diagnosed with rosacea several years ago and have tried many over the counter products and one prescription product. Dermalmd rosacea serum has helped keep my symptoms manageable for this chronic condition. It’s the best over the counter product that I have found to date. I’ve even told my dermatologist about dermalmd.

11 months ago

I recently started having what I thought were allergic reactions to something I ate… The small bumps appearing in clusters on my cheeks mainly. Would use hydrocortisone cream and take benedryl at night and it would go away for the most part by the next morning. It happened again yesterday and this time the benedryl didn’t touch it. My sister happens to work at a dermatologist office and was kind enough to show one of the PAs photos of what I thought was a rash. Based on what he saw he thinks it is “acute rosacea”. I was instructed to avoid cosmetics, use a gentle cleanser, and apply hydrocortisone 2X daily for 3-4 days. Curious how things are going for you all that commented here? Thanks!

11 months ago

I don’t have this but know someone with it. He uses vaseline mixed with a few drop of tea tree oil. He puts it on before bed so it works overnight. He is happy with the result so far.

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