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6 years ago

Ah don’t write us all off!! We’re not THAT much older!!!! 😉

Sorry to hear you were diagnosed so young. Have you contacted your local MS Society? I know mine were very good at trying to hook me up with people my age when I was diagnosed.

6 years ago

Where abouts do you live? Have you had a look on Google for any support centre local to you? There are quite a few dotted around the UK and they are fab. Also talk to us here we are not that old so please chat to us ask any questions you want. Don’t feel alone..

6 years ago

Hey there, I am 32 now but my ms symptoms started when I was around your age (19/20 – I had optic neuritis and lost my sight in one eye) Don’t fret that you’re still having a hard time coming to terms with things, it will get easier and talking to people on here can really help, I promise you you are not alone x

6 years ago

Hi I am only 21, was diagnosed at 19 so not much older and I know exactly what you mean with struggling to come to terms with things. Feel free to send me a message if u want someone around your age to talk to


6 years ago

Hey there,

I’m a sprightly 28, but I was a mere nipper at 23 when I was diagnosed. I get what you mean about the whole age thing, when I was diagnosed, the only people I seemed to meet who had MS all felt like they were twice my age ansd older. If you want to talk, you can always drop me a message 🙂

6 years ago

Yeah I am 22 mate.. I was given my diagnose 1 year and 2 months ago (thought ive had MS-light all my life). Are you using medicine? or did you choose not to?

6 years ago

20 here diagnosed at 16, so not alone. I know how hard it is to get to grips with it all.

6 years ago

@tomtom I’m on Tysabri, when I was diagnosed it hadn’t been licensed so they stuck me on the most effective unlicense treatment they could, a form of chemo called Mitoxantrone. It worked brilliabtly but they were only able to prescribe it for a year because of the toxicity (1 in 300 risk for heart failure and leukemia for five years post treatment? Ah go on then) after I had finished that they put me on Copaxone which worked well for the first 18 months, but then the relapses started coming back so last year they put me on Tysabri and I’ve been relapse free since. If I don’t relapse before Junwe it will have be the longest I’ve gone without a relapse since it all started kicking up a fuss over six years ago 🙂

6 years ago

I’ve just turned 30, but diagnosed at 27 and had my first relapse at 21. So you can talk to us – we know how you might be feeling.

Speak to your local MS Society branch because they arrange local activities with group/age specific days/nights.

Hope you find a way with coping with MS as I have.


6 years ago

hey i’m 27 was diagnosed bot 18 months ago found it really hard at first but then things calmed down recently tho ive been expierencing a strange fatigued feeling but nothing like it was before this is overwhelming i just feel so lethargic and expiriencing alot more tingling sensations aswell as a strange feeling of just being unwell feeling sick but knowing im not gunna be its really wierd? i dont mean this to sound horrible but its comforting to know there is young lads out there with ms as i have always felt like a fraud as other than the mild paralasis in my hand/arm when first diagnosed my other symptoms have been hidden and alot milder than alot of people i read about and also im alot younger kind of made me feel like i shouldnt be putting myself inthe same bracket as older people with more serious symtoms

6 years ago

hey im 23 and iv had ms since i was 19. When they first diagnosed me i busrt out into tears and was really scared, but after a while, after speaking to friends and family i was less scared and annoyed about it all. Plus i believe in that everything happens for a reason and all that. Sometimes i have my good days and im happy but other days i feel really bad and tired and so i get a little emotional, its only natural i guess. Eventhough iv accepted the fact that i have MS i still get angry and frustrated but im happy iv found this site coz i know im not alone in what im feeling. Hope your feeling better and you can talk to me whenever you feel like.

6 years ago

im 23 i got my dignosis last friday and it still hasent sunk in… but i am a good listner if u ever want a fellow young female to talk to xxx

6 years ago


I’m a bit older than you but was diagnosed at 29, after having symptoms since I was 21. I had a really hard time to come to terms with it. Its a horrid diagnosis and its ok to be angry and upset but things will get better, I promise.
I wish there had been a site like this when I was diagnosed as it would have helped me loads so stick with it and ,as has been said before, try to contact your local MS society as you may be surprised to find there are a lot of people who are diagnosed young.

6 years ago

I’m 27 and diagnosed a month ago. I can totally relate to how you’re feeling. My biggest help has just been talking. About EVERYTHING!! Made me feel so much better, if there is ever anything which you might find a bit taboo or a bit embarrassed about you, please feel free to message me. There is very little I get embarrassed about these days!! Take care and stay positive!!

6 years ago

I’m 21 and was diagnosed at 19 – still don’t think I’ve quite got my head around it…whenever I think I have, something happens and I get all confused and upset again! Am happy to chat if you need someone to talk to 🙂

6 years ago

you’re not alone! i was diagnosed at 22.. i’m 23 now so still a newbie, but here to listen if you need someone to talk to!

6 years ago

I’m 31 and was diognosed 3 days before my my 26th birthday. I still struggle with coming to terms with having this illness, but this board is brilliant for helping and helping to see you can still be “you” but with some changes. If it helps, since being diognosed I’ve still been able to do the things I’ve wanted to, got married 4 years ago, had a baby 8 months ago, I still have a good work & social life & am jumping out of a plane for the ms trust in June!
Being diognosed is a life changing thing, and despite the negative changes, I found that it also helped me to make positive changes to my life to.
If you ever want to talk message me xxxxx

6 years ago

Completely agree with what Emmy is saying. I was diagnosed at 22 after initial symptoms at 19, and whilst there are things that I can’t do now, there are so many positives that I’ve taken from it. I used to be so impatient and took a lot of things for granted, and my diagnosis was a wake up call. I’m 29 now and can genuinely say that I’m in a good place. I realise that everybody is different, and people’s symptoms can vary massively, but it doesn’t always have to be a negative thing.

6 years ago

Hey I know exactly how you feel I was also diagnosed near enough the same time I’ve been diagnosed 8 months now and still find it hard accepting it even though I put on a strong attitude towards it, its still hard accepting it and there isn’t anyone that really understands they are supportive just still don’t feel they understand, so yeah I’m hear if you need to talk 🙂

6 years ago

I was diagnosed when I was 19 and I’m now 21. I still find it hard at times to come to terms with what’s happened to myself. I like to think I’m slowly coming to terms with it. I miss the little things I can’t do any more.
If anyone wants a chat, them I’m more than happy to talk about things, I’ve not met anybody my age with MS so It would be nice to talk things out!

6 years ago

Hi im 32 got dx when i was 23 in my first year at uni so know how you feel :(. You are not alone and many of us are all roughly dx around the same sort of age. I have only just started to accept what i have got after 9 years as i was still thinking i could do all the same things, well i can just a bit slower than normal. If you want to chat then feel free to drop me a line
keep smiling
sian xx

6 years ago

Hey man, so many of us in the same boat so you’ll find plenty of support here. Symptoms at 18 but it took 4 years to get a good diagnosis. Diagnosis over a year ago now but still coming to terms with it (fine switch it some days, pissy with it others) Good luck on here, from what I’ve seen its a fantastic group support network for a disease that can get quite lonely!

6 years ago

Hey there, if you need a chat then feel free to pm me, I know what you mean with the feeling lonely bit. 22 here and only recently diagnosed but had symptoms since 20. Take care x

6 years ago

Hi! I’m 18 also, a first year in university, it’s so nice knowing there’s someone my age dealing with this also. I would love to get to know you more and share experiences.

I’m new here trying to get used to my diagnosis also, I got it a month and a half ago, it’s been tough but I feel really liberated today from this website and the big plans with regards to research and breakthroughs in treatment to come. I’m so hopeful for a cure in the future.

Best wishes for the future. God bless.. Xx

6 years ago

hey i’m 22 annd i was diagnosed just over a year ago and i am still not coming to terms with what i have id like to meet some people around my age ti see how they cope

thanks michelle xx

6 years ago

Me!! I’m only 43!!

6 years ago

I’m 19 with MS was diagnosed at 15 I’m still struggling to accept I have it too 🙁 x

6 years ago

I’ll join the queue as well, 23 in just under a month, and was diagnosed 2 years ago. Started getting symptoms when I was 17 though (double vision, which came on suddenly, while I was driving to work…. that was fun!). Totally understand about struggling to accept it, it’s like you’ve spent your whole life thus far planning what you’ll do for the rest of it, and then this massive bombshell goes off that destroys all of that.

Would be good to chat to some more young MSers, it’s nice to feel you’re not alone 🙂 xx

6 years ago

44 here but don’t feel a day over 21! (well physically maybe but y’know what i mean) 🙂

6 years ago

Hey..was dx’d at 28 now..where does everyone live? Anyone in new jersey?

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