rachaellouise 15/04/18
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Any recovery stories ???

Hi Happy Sunday

I just want to hear wether their are any recovery stories or remission stories from ms …
MS hope stories —
I and I am sure many others would like to hear about what you are doing.. I love to here what might be helpful and important for me to add to my day ….

Thanks guys
Rachael x

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1 week ago

I’m certain you read my latest topic on just how far I’d come in the past 2 years so I’ll keep my reply short to the latest one. One of my main symptoms with MS was limping and what I feel now was a heavy leg as people kept telling me I was walking like I was leaning to one side and made my balance extremely bad, heck I couldn’t go down 1 step without needing support and 2 years ago, I remember telling my friend that if we did go to the arena to see a show that he would need to help me down the stairs as I wasn’t confident.
Well anyway for the past 2 years I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist and working at my balance and even though it improved tremendously (I no longer need help going up or down stairs) there was one thing I couldn’t do, and that was go down an escalator. This absolutely annoyed me because I always felt I could, but after not going down them for over 2 years I’d developed a fear of going down them and part of me felt it was never going to happen. That was until a few days ago.
I was in town on Sunday and it was quiet and I saw the escalators and I knew then that it was the perfect chance to overcome the fear I had of them so I just went for it and I managed to do it. I’m now going down escalators when I can because I still feel that fear inside of me so I need to carry on until I’m fully confident in using them again.

1 week ago

Hi @rachaellouise and happy Sunday to you too.

I’m not sure that this meets your requirement, but I’m presently enduring my longest period ever of working my legs on my exercise bike. I hadn’t really be able to get on it for a few years, until a fortnight ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no potential entrant for the Tour de France. It’s hard, just revolving the pedals. And, I’ve had a couple of comedy episodes getting off, ending up on the floor.

But, I’m going to persevere.

Whether it’s my personal LDN trial or just sheer bloody-mindedness, I don’t know. But, it’s good for my psyche. 😉

1 week ago

@stumbler – 😂 lol that makes me chuckle so much… good for the soul.

Well you never know ! Tour de France here stumbler comes … he’s coming for ya Bradley Wiggins … Wiggo

Now back to what you said well done! How long did you do on that bike? I have a stationary . I feel slightly embarrassed lol as I’m struggling with 10 minutes . I’ve noticed that my legs get really heavy . Is this normal ? Should I persevere ? Slow it down .
Yes I get wobbly when off but need to improve my cardiovascular system I feel.
I’ve lost lots of weight since the diet protcol . Got a a stone to go now . Didn’t realise how big I’d gotten .
We will get their stumbler ! We will! 🌈


No I did read your post and I’m amazed at your progress ! Inspired by your efforts …
I think we develop fears to things in our mind . I think we can do more than we think we can as not sure what we can do when have ms
Yeah keep trying the escalator . There’s many things I’m scared of too that I will have to give a shot too. Fear!

1 week ago

@rachaellouise , don’t get me wrong, I struggle. I’ve decided that I’m going to do 1km each day.

Now, that is difficult as my legs/feet had forgotten how to pedal. So, I might only do a few meters before I have to stop and have a breather. But, little and often is a good mantra.

The legs, and heart, will thank you for the exercise. 😉

1 week ago

@stumbler – you’ll be able to go to your special place soon(fishing ) with nicer weather coming ! I’m going to find one you’ve inspired me to! I’ll keep you posted

I know what you mean about your body forgetting stuff . I think mine forgets so have to tell it again !
What’s 1km then is that Half a mile ish ?
Yeh I’m same have to stop a lot . I’m gonna restart the bike tomorrow but less time and build up see how I do over week .

Rachael x

1 week ago

@rachaellouise , since my hospital visit before Xmas, I haven’t been able to get out of the house. Hence my desire to build up my legs on the bike.

I think there is now a confidence issue too, but I’m going to make a break for my car soon. If that’s successful, I can consider returning to my swimming habit.

But, if you can get out and enjoy the beauty of nature, it’ll be worth it.

1km is just over half a mile.

1 week ago


I used to get relapses all the time, I eventually found out it was because of my then fiancé stressing me out so much. I found out because when he left and I eventually got together with someone else my relapses went away. Since being on tecfidera I haven’t had a single relapse in a year and a half and because of it we are now trying for a baby 👶🏻

1 week ago

I think that’s a great idea to build up the strength . I know what you mean about confidence thing. When you haven’t done something for a while .. I have not drove for a while myself which is a confidence thing and going on your own etc I get dizzy quite a bit.
Having said that good to try ..even if fall flat on my face ! 🙂
Let me know how it goes … as will be great to do things you love to do . 😊


Ahh that’s great news . I hope you are successful with the baby making , will be 👍

1 week ago

I had a relapse when I was diagnosed and then a mild one 10 years later. I took Rebif shots for 5 years and Tecidera for 6. I am getting slower at walking and if I stand to much my legs get numb. I am still walking unassisted. I don’t think there is really remission or recovery when it comes to MS. You may think your are in remission and it sneaks up and bites you in the butt. Potter

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