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Any one worried about winter?

I have had a few really embarrassing incidents in cold weather when my leg muscles spasm and I can’t walk, but once I was helped into the warm, I could walk again and looked like a total fraud. I am starting to worry already about it happening this winter and short of wearing padded over trousers every where and looking like a sumo wrestler, I don’t know what to do. Does any one have any bright ideas.?

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4 years ago

I feel the same with the winter months. There’s a difference in my walking, and the colder it is, the harder walking certainly becomes for me, due to muscle tightness, and spasticity. My only cure for it is keeping indoors in the warmth, or put on some thermals on, if you need to venture out. No matter how much exercise i do, or stretching etc, it still happens.

4 years ago

Does it depend on how warm your legs are before you go out? Maybe if they are warm to start off with, the problem wouldn’t start. Hot bath then applying a battery-operated foot warmer (the kind skiers use)? I find that if my feet are warm, the legs are never a problem.

4 years ago

I don’t think I’m that bothered, last winter was horrible for me but it was when I had my first symptoms and diagnosis. Will this year be just as bad I’m not sure how my body will be so it’s gna b a learning curve I guess. I definitely love the thought of foot warmers tho, must get some of them thanks @cameron for the tip.

4 years ago

I’ve definately feeling the cold when going to bed went to the docs this morning thought I’d wrapped up warm enough but still felt the cold fot wet through and even had my ugg boots and two lots of socks will have to put on 4 layers next time


4 years ago

I think my inner thermostat is on the blink as I don’t like wearing many layers and so far haven’t felt the cold too much… I didn’t like the hot weather we had in the summer so I am happy in Autumn .. sunny but not too hot (!!! allegedly..) and cool but not too cold ( !!!! Also allegedly..). I really like the idea of these foot warmers @cameron where can we buy them from..??

4 years ago

Summer does for me more than winter my thermostat cannot cope with heat in winter I can wrap up summer cant really take clothes off somone might complain

4 years ago

@catfight and @orthernlass – search Amazon ‘foot warmers’ in their Sport and Leisure section. There are various kinds, including heated insoles. The only ones I have experience of are the microwaveable slippers, which certainly give you an instant ‘hot foot’. but are no good for walking around in. xx

4 years ago

My embaressing moments are more to do with falling flat on my BTM! When the weather gets really bad, I don’t go out!
Ice & snow………not with a wheelchair or 2 sticks!
I went a short distance the other day and the rain and leaves meant the chair was FILTHY!
imagine what fun when it got back inside…
Going to Blackpool soon…….packing the waterproofs and J cloths for cleaning up duty.

4 years ago

I’m the opposite at the moment I’m not feeling the cold but feeling really warm instead especially when I get into bed,I’ve usually thrown the quilt off me and got the windows open. But in the winter especially when I’m working out side it’s a long or short sleeved thermal top and long johns with a good pair of thermal socks not exactly fashionable but very effective.

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