laurenxox 17/03/17
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Any help?

Hey guys i feel like i am going round in circles i have been havening issues with numbness pain not being able to walk pains forgetful my dr said she thinks it may be ms so i have had a mri but nothing has show up i just dont know what to do my balance has been going lately and i feel so drained im 25 and this is majorly effecting my everyday life but im no closer to any answers is there any test that i can ask for from my dr to define if i actually have ms so i cant start some treatment i just dont know what to do any advise would be most apricated thankyou x

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11 months ago

Hi @laurenxox and welcome .

It was good of your Doctor to order the MRI and give you his “best guess” at a diagnosis. However, diagnosing MS is the responsibility of a Neurologist, who will assess the clinical history against a physical examination and the results of the MRI.

So, it’s a good idea to compile a short list of unexplained symptoms which you can give to a Neurologist.

It’s a difficult business to diagnose MS and there are specific criteria ( that you have to meet before a diagnosis can be given.

I would say that the symptoms of MS do present in various other conditions too, from a simple vitamin deficiency forwards. But, a Neurologist is best placed to solve this jigsaw.

So, get back to your GP and insist on a referral to a Neurologist.

In the meantime, just try and relax and chill out. Getting yourself stressed up is very counter-productive with neurological conditions.

Hope this helps.

11 months ago

Hey Lauren, even if you had an MRI and the doctor said that it definitely showed lesions (as mine did) they can’t confirm an MS diagnosis without performing a lumber puncture. They look for oligoclonal bands in the spinal fluid. These are secreted during the process of demyelination that occurrs in MS. They didn’t tell me I had MS just on the basis of just my MRI, the fact that my big sister has MS, my twin Lupus and Addison’s disease; clearly showing a strong history of autoimmune disease. There are many illness that mimic the symptoms of MS so they have to be 100% sure before they give you the diagnosis. It is an earth shattering day being told you have MS. I get that in some instances having an answer is better than no answer but you want them to be 1000% sure before they give you the diagnosis. Imagine if they gave you the wrong one! They’d be in for a law suit! This actually happened to my twin sister… she was told she had thorid cancer instead of Lupus and she was deeply traumatised. If you need definitive confirmation a lumber puncture is definitely a step in the right direction. No one wants you to end up being diagnosed incorrectly. Hope they help you find an answer x

11 months ago

@laurenxox I think @stumbler has the right advice for you. I personally think a trained MS Neurologist can see things in an MRI that a regular GP might not. Our MS specialist stared at the MRI with us for 20-30 minutes. Not sure how they do it in your area, but I had cd’s cut of my wifes MRI and then we took it with us to the MS specialist (switching from a general neurologist). That being said they both reached the same conclusions, though each had some slightly different commentary.

You have neurological symptons, I would not stop till you saw a specialist. Lastly I would get familar with MS and start becoming aware of your options both lifestyle and DMT’s. There are a lot of good posts on that. In risk of sounding like a salesman I would start with just to get familar (not to worried about the salesman part since its all free).

11 months ago

Hiya @laurenxox.

Maybe, just maybe…like a few here you are getting those early signs, we can relate to…(kind of ‘well that make sense now’)….as a lot will contest to… I am 57 & was DX’d at 52….though looking back I had things happen in my 20;s,30’s,40’s that made no sense, which in days or weeks just went away…..vertigo’s, left eye getting foggy and so on, was dancing, doing AM Dram, playing squash & tennis, walking, cycling, Motorcycling etc……Theres a lot of good advice from folk above, its best to keep de-stressed & relaxed as possible….Get that Neurologist, they know there stuff…

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