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any advice welcome….

back in november 2011 i was taken into hospital with a stroke, messed around then transfered to a different hospital, eventually it was said that i had functional syndrome disorder and within a year i will be normal, 15 months on and my symptoms are worse and i have gained further complications. i am a mother of two young boys who cant even start to understand what is happenening when i dont. my urologist has said i have ms he is 90 percent sure he justwants it confrmed by a neurologist. now theres the trick my neurologist feels its just fatigue that has done this, i dis agree i know my body and their is something wrong with the research i have done i believe and so do others that i have ms. i am waiting for a professor to now come and see me to shed some light. my symptons are: colour blindness, numbness, weak muscles pain on various sides and places daiy bowel and urological problems, memory problems balance problems,mood swings i could go on forever what should i do now?????????????? please help???

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5 years ago

@alaz2906, a diagnosis of MS is not a straightforward task. Most of the symptoms of MS can manifest themselves in other conditions, so it’s a bit of an awkward puzzle to solve.
The other issue is the use of the word, “Multiple”. Some Neuros insist on seeing two specific episodes before they’ll consider a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.
The usual tests performed in pinning down a diagnosis of MS is an MRI scan and maybe a Lumbar Puncture. Have you had these tests yet?
A good strategy is to use your GP as an ally in this battle. They will want you correctly diagnosed as well, so that they can help you with the symptoms.
Unfortunately, it can be a waiting game, but you should be prescribed the correct meds for the neurological pain that you’re suffering. These meds include Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline, Gabapentin and Pregabelen. I can’t say that I’ve heard of morphine being used for MS neurological pain, but I’m no Doctor.
Hopefully, your GP can help you with pain relief. It can be a “horses for courses” with pain relief. What works for one, won’t work for another, so a bit of trial and error is sometimes required.
But generally, you need to be patient. Alternatively, go private to expedite the diagnosis.
Do be kind to yourself too. All this worry and stress is only making things worse for you. You haven’t asked for this, so you shouldn’t be blaming yourself. If the diagnosis does culminate in MS, then I can recommend some publications from the MS Trust, that are written with young children in mind.
Hope this helps

5 years ago

An MRI should be able to help with the diagnosis if not that then a lumbar punch. I had a lumbar after an MRI and I’d been told and heard about how bad lumbar’s can be but I musta got lucky cos I felt the numbing jab more than the actual lumbar itself.

To diagnose MS the tests need to show at least 9 or more lesions (serated areas of tissue). I think that’s correct (it was how it was explained to me).

Hope that helps.

5 years ago

Here’s a link describing the McDonald criteria for diagnosing MS :-

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