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Anti Anxiety Pills

Hi all,

While we all know or aware of, anxiety could cause some really unpleasant symptoms of spasticity, tightness, weakness etc. Unfortunately we’re unable to avoid it 100%. It does creep in at times.

Can folks around here recommend some anti-anxiety medications that they may be taking which could alleviate some if not all of the anxiety ? I will be taking up a new job soon and ‘am feeling the anxiety that I’m unable to avoid.


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8 months ago

@arknat , no personal experience, although there may be some answers here :-

8 months ago

@arknat I am on low does 10mg citalop

8 months ago

Oops. Low dose 10mg citalopram. It’s an anti-depressant. I’m not anxious but it can sort that too. Makes the sun shine a little bit brighter. Exercise helps if you can do that.

8 months ago

I have found Diazepam to be very helpful, for anxiety & spasms.

8 months ago

As far as I know diazapam is a’quick-fix’ tranquilliser which will calm you down in periods of crisis, but you’re unlikely to be offered it for long, because it’s addictive. Perhaps like me, your anxiety is a bit deeper, maybe rooted in depression, which can be treated with a low-dose antidepressant. You need the conversation with your GP. xx

8 months ago

Hello there. Before diagnosis I took Amitriptyline for headaches. Since becoming a bit anxious in the last few months I started taking them again. Jus 5 mg a day seems to have taken the edge off of the anxiety but hasn’t affctd sensory symptoms though….hope that helped!

8 months ago

Thanks everybody for your inputs.

I’ll check them out and see which suits me for my use ..

8 months ago

Prozac has neuroprotective benefits

7 months ago

Hi i have propranolol helps with my anxiety

7 months ago

I have been takeing st johns wort its really helped me with being anxiety ad low moods.

7 months ago

I take Sertraline, after telling GP, “Each evening I go up to bed, telling myself, ‘Get your head down, you’ll be fine after a good kip.’ Then, ‘No, it’ll be just the same tomorrow’.
Nothing feels different but anxiety will be tested in August when I fly to Italy….unless I get some Valium.

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