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Anger and MS

My name is Rita. This is my first time here.
I need help with my anger issues, caused by MS (I think it). Does anyone have this problem as well? If yes, what type of medication could help?
I took antidepressant for four years, it helped a little bit but also caused a lot of side effects.
I heart about a mood stabilizer called Depakote, does anyone know or take this medication for anger issues caused by MS?

Please help me, I will see my doctor soon, but I would like to know it is just me or it is a common problem (anger in MS).
Thank you, Rita

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5 months ago

Hi @rita_de_cassia and welcome.

Mood issues are quite common with MS. In the months following diagnosis, the “Why me?” anger can be quite prevalent. But, generally, there is an MS symptom of the PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA), aka Emotional Lability, which can involve mood extremes.

There’s some more details of this symptom here :-

Depakote is a prescription medication which is used for Bi-polar disorder. Any thoughts of medication for this issue should be discussed with your medical team.

5 months ago

Hello @rita_de_cassia, big welcome. Not so much anger, but my level of tolerance has really dropped since being diagnosed last year. This is not great, given that I work in a school! I have to reign myself in to keep it under control. My emotions are more extreme too. Funny things make me cry with laughter, and I cry easier when sad. I’m not sure if it’s the MS causing it as such, but certainly my emotional regulation system has become warped since going through all the stages you go through n being diagnosed. So yes, I’d say it’s quite a common problem with us special folk…….hope that helps:-)

5 months ago

Hi @rita_de_cassia and welcome. I’m one of the old codgers, had the beast for 26 years and I’ve got worse as the years have gone on. I’m now working on the principle of getting even instead of getting mad! Things have got really bad this last year both both with the NHS and mr government so I’ve got something/someone to fight but please don’t waste your anger unnecessarily. Just living day to day with ms is difficult enough as it is, I used to rarely swear, now, because I drop things, can’t open them, can’t put batteries in etc., and that annoys me on a daily basis, but I save the real ire for the serious things? I live on my own, no carers, no help just 2 wonderful Airedales who keep me grounded, they’re the reason I get up in the morning. As for the anti depressants, I take a very small dose. My ms nurse thinks everyone with ms needs a small dose just to cope with ms and day to day living. The smallest dose is 10mg, I have a pill splitter and cut one in half so I’m only taking 5. Don’t worry about them being addictive, we have enough on our plates and a little bit of help along the way doesn’t go amiss😍

5 months ago

Yes I’ve always had this issue
When people who sees me from first time most of them says nice but the smart one of them says she’s angry type of person
I shakenalmost when im angry since before diagnosis i consider myself way calmer now

5 months ago

Thank you very much everyone who answered me back. I will talk to my doctor next month about those issues. Rita

5 months ago

Hi my new friends,

I would like to know if anybody here has fadigue caused by MS. I can say that I have now 40% to 50% of the energy that I used to have. I used to work all day on my feet, no problem. I used to work 11 hours or more a day, no problem. Now, my endurance and energy are gone after 3 hours moving. I have no energy left on me. And then I sit down and nothing and nobody makes me move again. My brain tells me “you need to go to the washroom, but my body says I am not going, sorry. Sometimes, I don’t have energy to reach my cup on the table in front of me (!), my arm doesn’t want to move. This is scary feeling.
Is that normal? No, it is not normal, it is MS.
I hear some people saying: “I know how you feel, I have diabetes and I have fatigue too”. Sorry, it is not the same. I don’t think it so. 🙁
Please, any comments about that? Thank you!

5 months ago

@rita_de_cassia , MS fatigue is something else which non-MSers cannot appreciate.

The following describes this frustrating symptom :-

5 months ago

Thank you,
I loved the example how to explain to people. I will try that with some people. I know that Diabetes does not cause the same fatigue than MS. Period. It is hard to explain to people, some people think that I am exaggerating or being a crying baby. I was never a crying baby and I am still not one. I feel like the energy spending is desproporcional: cleaning the house is like finishing a marathon. Going to the grocery store is like claim a mountain. It is exhausting living with MS.
Like the text says: just who has MS understands this kind of fatigue. 🙁

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