5 years ago
alone :(

Sometimes I feel really alone with this diagnosis even though my family and bf are amazing about it. Is there anybody who feels the same and maybe just wants to chat or something? im 23 from edinburgh and dont know anybody with ms. Would be nice to have a friend who understands what its like.

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trust me your seriously not the only one! I feel like this everyday cause no one understands about ms 🙁 am 18 from manchester, wish i could talk too someone with it x

I know the sort of place you’re both coming from, MS can feel very isolating at times, scary, especially when there’s no one to talk to. The good news for you both though is that there are, obviously 🙂

There’s a map on of everyone on the site that has chosen to plot their location ( its under the tab in the map link. If you’ve not done it, you could always plot yourself on there too, or not…

In other social esque style shenanigans, theres MS Life in Manchester on the weekend of the 14th&15th and will be there. I get the whole not wanting to see lots of people aspect thing, but I’m going to speak with Beki and find out if we can’t have some kind of social in the evening with drinks and such like =) Keep an eye on the happening link in, no promises mind, but we shall see…

Hey there maria … hang in there :).

hey maria i feel exctly the same my family and husband r amazing but i still feel alone sometimes i am also 23 so if u anna chat message me xx

Totally get where you’re coming from. I have an amazing support network but there’s times when I just feel totally on my own with this. It’s usually when other things are happening that aren’t even MS-related but then it all starts to get on top of me. I’m generally a very positive person but even we have our down days! If you ever want to chat then just message me. I’m a good few years older in body but not in spirit! 🙂

PS. Gav – great idea about drinks or some kind of meet-up at MS Life. There’s so much going on that by the evening I think most of us will be glad to put our feet up and relax a bit. Keep us posted!

I can confirm that there will be some sort of social on the Saturday, venue TBC next week when we’ve a better idea of likely numbers 🙂

Hey Maria i know exactly how you feel! My family is still upset about the diagnosis and dont really like talking about it, so sometimes i feel like im in it by myself! Anytime you wanna chat feel free to message! Its nice talking to someone that knows what your going through

yeah am going to the ms manchester on the 14th gav 🙂

I can totally relate. It’s great that you have such cool stuff in England but I’m in South Africa. I remember the first thing my MS nurse said was take it one day at a time- she wasn’t kidding.

I hope it gets better for everyone- the more ppl you know with it the better it feels I reckon. Check out MS life Maria.

It’ll be great to see you there Zoe, hopefully theres going to be some kind of social on the saturday night, be awesome if you came to that too.

I’ve had a look on the ms society website Maria to see if there are any support groups or events in Edinburgh and I did find a support group listed in the city. Its run by a lady called cat myles and the only contact details for her are her phone number (07590 965 464) you can check out the site to see if theres anything else on there you might find useful at I hope that helps you 🙂


Hey maria,
I completely know where your coming from. I’m 23 in Oregon. I don’t have a diagnosis…yet…but I completely understand where your coming from. I feel very isolated and alone in this struggle. If you want to chat…please feel free to message me! I’m new to this site and the reason I joined was to actually reach out and be able to talk to others who have gone through this situation as well.

Hi Maria, know how you feel:( The ability to be alone in a crowd came with my benign then secondary progressive MS. Married with 3 children but still feel that it’s a private battle to come to terms with. It’s great to have all of you to have a rant to or get advice:)

Quite often I feel like doing 1000 things but then I realize that I can only do 1 at the time.I feel very lonely and different when that happens .Not easy to be young having MS.


Every day hunnie my legs are bad just hang in their.x

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