5 years ago
Alchahol! your views?

Hi there

As I pour myself a glass of wine I always think…. should I really be doing this!
I have a glass most nights and look forward to it after a day of the challenges of MS!, sometimes think would I feel better if I cut out the wine? but always think “sod it” Ms is’nt takin evrything I enjoy!

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I find it can be….interesting 😉 Its a personal choice, but life, after all, is for living, the clues in the name 😉

I stopped drinking before I was diagnosed but since being diagnosed I’ve been struggling to quit smoking. I think it’s up to you. It’s your body lou-lou. I’m struggling to quit smoking because I know I want to quit but if you feel that you don’t want to then don’t, BUT you have to accept the consequences of your actions.

It sucks but it’s the price we have to pay.

I asked my MS nurse about drink, her advice was try it and see how you feel. Some people have balance issues enough without adding drink to the equation but if it doesn’t affect you negatively then prob keep it up, can’t deny yourself your daily pick-me-up!
I still drink, though just have to be careful about quantity, if I drink within about a week of my Tysabri infusion then it only takes just over a pint and I’m pretty smashed! That does make nights out cheaper though…..

I drink infrequently, but when I do, I DO!!! I can happily have a bottle of wine or two at home on a weekend, or go for an allnight party of drinking. I think it’s a very individual thing. When I first got diagnosed, everytime I drank, my face would feel scalding hot but that went away after about five separate occasions of drinking. If you feel terrible after drinking, stop, but if you don’t, do what makes you happy 😀

Lilly, know you’re Irish, and don’t take this the wrong way, but have you thought about seeing someone, some sort of tom cruise from cocktail person 😉

Hey, I don’t think drinking will do you any harm (as long as you obviously don’t morph into a raging alchy he he he!). I actually chatted about it with my MS nurse and when I told her I had cut out booze she gave me a weird look and then in an even stranger voice said ‘why???’ Her message was that as long as I was safe the alcohol would not do me any harm.

Enjoy your wine lovely 🙂

Strange voice like The Exorcist strange?

I actually walk better and have less pain after 2 glasses of red wine – I have tested this theory on many different types of alcohol and its only with red wine!!!! People think I’m joking when I say this but it works for me – its a v individual thing and i went off drinking alcohol for a while but since changing my meds it agrees with me again now…so enjoy your wine!!!

Aw Gaz! I don’t have a problem… I just know how to have a good time 😉

@Becks my mum says red wine is the best 4 almost everything she started drinking red wine about 4yrs ago the nurse said it would do her blood pressure good an it has. I might have 2 change from white 2 red then lol.

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