andyturner 09/07/18
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Air con

Hi I invested in a air conditioning unit today. Only £30. What a life saver. Never thought I would buy one living in Scotland. I will be seeing the loch Ness monster sun bathing

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1 week ago

@andyturner … yes, an aircon unit would be great… I am melting … I didn’t get to the meet up at the Southbank organised by @kimiblanc because this heat has destroyed me.

1 week ago

Great buy Andy, I have been managing with open doors and windows and luckily even in this heat Ive had a breeze so I’ve been o.k. Don’t know how Thursday is going to go (bus trip to London and tour of parliament and meeting with my MP) but I’m looking forward to it. Just sitting on the sofa waiting for the planes to arrive over Buck House for RAF 100yr Birthday.😍

1 week ago

I’m saudi used to hot weather but don’t like it.
i’ve been in edinburgh couple of years I remember 2013 or 2014 was hot and I had to order a fan from amazon.
Alto I I I balcony on mead view but it made it eve worse
An I remember I couldn’t commune wral with with building’s management regarding regarding cent heater it was on all year couldnt not stop it yet had to pay its bills

1 week ago

where did you get it from sounds a good price?

1 week ago

meadows view* that quartermile area
pardon about my reply full of typos it was creepy as anything ive done surgery in my eye recently.

5 days ago

Air conditioning is the best friend for a MS sufferer. I spent 7 years living in Japan with 40 degrees days and 20 degrees at night. It saved a lot of hot nights struggling to sleep. When I relocated back to the UK the first thing I bought was a AC unit. It can freeze me during the hot weather and cook me during the winter. They are also very good with the energy bills.
Downsides include drying out the air. Can make you eyes very dry. Air conditioning units fro conservatories are ideal.

5 days ago

AC is a real bless
cant imagine my life without our central AC im in KSA and the tempreture is 50c or but more
so glad i did acsurgery in my eye which gave me 2 weeks sickleave so I dont have to melt my brain under the sun for awhile

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