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Advice please

I had a nasty UTI over the Christmas period, I was in so much pain and my bladder was having spasms. I have never felt pain like it, and my legs were absolute agony. Two courses of antibiotics and I got the all clear.

But since then my bladder has been causing me problems. I go to the toilet and 10 mins later I have an urgent need to go again, like my bladder never emptied and then a tiny dribble comes out but I almost have to force it out and that feeling doesn’t then disappear. Could this still be a sign of a UTI or is this the bastard that is MS messing up my body!

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3 months ago

I also had one over Christmas so my neurologist recommended to a urologist who I saw today. He said bladder symptoms with MS is difficult since it’s all over the place. The bladder can be hyperspastic or hypo. It can cause the frequency and not emptying of the bladder which could also be symptoms of a UTI and my neuro said a UTI is bad for patients with MS because it can cause a relapse. Everything seemed fine, but he wants me to do further testing to make sure it’s nohing else besides MS because a UTI can spread to the kidneys. Also, it’s important to have a urine culture done whenever you think you may have a UTI because I guess we can build antibodies to antibiotics and make some less effective over time. I’d put a call into your doctor just in case since it could be either.

3 months ago

@hollylb10 , yes, MS can cause urine retention and this is a breeding ground for UTIs.

So, yes, get back to the Doctor, so that a specimen can be cultured. And suggest a referral to Urology, to check out what’s happening with your plumbing.

3 months ago

Ok thanks guys. A few years ago my MS nurse did a bladder scan to see how much I was holding, then I went to the toilet and she did it again and I was empty. That is definitely not the case since Christmas, I have just been for the tiniest amount and already feel spasms feeling like I need to go again 😩 it’s such a pain at night time!

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