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abdominal pain

Fully dg 5 years back with SPMS, up from RRMs.
Pretty sure its entering its optimum period of PPMS.
Consultant can’t offer anything and has reduced appmts to once a year.
Anyway apart from the obvious worsening, I have been plagued with stomach pains.
It’s the entire abdominal sheath of muscles from the chest to the groin.
Like I’d done 200 situps (I wish). or being wrapped in baling wire round the waist!
it started about a year ago, and after 5 or 6 months I started to wonder if perhaps it wasn’t ms but something more sinister.
Saw my GP and he prodded my stomach and felt there was nothing untoward and then suggested a blood test to put my mind at rest. (which came back clear).
Thats the thing, I can push and poke my stomach and no pain at all.
But the muscles constantly ache and hurt, I can barely stand up straight for the pain.
This hampers my walking (lol, shuffling) , as I have to swing from the hip to get my legs to move at all.
I just wondered if anyone else had anything similar and had found a way to relieve it?
Thanks for reading.

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4 months ago

@sigmadelta , first things first, you’re now stuck at Secondary Progressive (SPMS) , there is no further stage. You either start off as Primary Progressive (PPMS) and remain there, or you start with Relapsing Remitting (RRMS) and transition to SPMS.

Secondly, you need an assessment with a neuro-physio to find out what’s working and what’s not. What seems to be clear is that you are compensating for your lower limb weakness and putting inordinate strain on your core muscles.

Have a word with your MS Nurse and see if they can arrange something for you.

4 months ago

Hello @sigmadelta, your consultant may have consigned you to yearly visits, but you have the right to referrals to minimise your symptoms. A neuro physio would be able to help. Do you get access to an MS nurse? Also, have you tried swimming? That might prove to be a relief for you….

4 months ago

Hi I have a tight band of tingling around my waist. (Bizarrely this fades in cold weather and gets much worse in heat.) I am in UK and friend with MS locally has recommended LDN (LOW DOSAGE NALTROXENE) which she pays £30 pcm and buys over internet which she claims really helps most of her MS disordered sensations. Hope this helps , Jane x

4 months ago

Hi there i am glad you mentioned that you are suffering with this abdominal issue because I thought i was going nuts i have the exact same issue it’s so frustrating

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