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A really bad day

Hi guys. I hope everyone is doing well.
I’m having a bad day. I’m in college and I also work, I’m really exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m a happy silly person but lately I’ve been really down. I want to give up on school but I’m only a semester away from graduating. I’m just really tired and I’m not sure that I have the strength and tenacity to finish.

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1 year ago

Hi there,

I don’t know where you live but I’m guessing America from “semester. You’ve clearly worked so hard already, to get so close to graduation. I’m sure your lecturers/tutors would understand if you took a few days’ rest, particularly for a medical reason. I’m sure you will feel so much better about life once you graduate. Also, we’re getting away from the winter months and into Spring. Things always look better then.

Stay strong, and keep us posted. You have a lot of friends and supporters (who you just haven’t met yet) on this site.

Take care, and all the best.


1 year ago

Remember tomorrow is a new day and I’m sure you’ll feel better. Today is a bad day for you but tomorrow will be good.
Take care and keep strong.

1 year ago

Keep going! Believe in yourself, push through and get yourself graduated. This may be the thing you look back on in the future that will make you so proud. Yes it will be hard but please don’t give up. We’re all behind you in an invisible way. Big hugs, Lindsey

1 year ago

Thanks guys!
I can always count you you all to be there. Tomorrow will be better.
I’ll stand strong and finish strong!!
I’ll probably cry at my graduation because I beat the odds.
Thanks again guys! @novemberrain @wrinkly @wjgregg


1 year ago

Don’t give up! Have a big rest , a semester away, don’t stop! I know this is hard but if you give up now you might regret it, living with that feeling that you could have finished is hard ….We all go through tough moments, you need a rest for sure. Think about it, you can stop after that….

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1 year ago

@herstrength, none of the above, nor me know you but we are all rooting for you to win this battle. You are on the home straight, brought to this point by you and only you. The first time I read one of your posts your user name made me feel wobbly thinking about what you must have been through to come up with that. Quitting is not an option. You have posted several times about how you have been stricken by chest infections and this has clearly bought you down. But, pick yourself up and get through this final stage, with all the support of everyone on Shift behind you xxx

1 year ago

@herstrength you will triumph over adversity! My go to song right now is Unstoppable by Sia. Music therapy helps through the hard times. And the good times!

1 year ago

Yes, @mmhhpp
After I graduate, I’ll have a entire semester off. I would never forget myself if I stopped now. You are so right!

@vixen Thank you! Yes, it has net been easy but hardships have made me who I am today. I just feel that all the year I’ve been going and going have finally caught up to me. I can’t believe you remembers my previous post. That says a lot. Xxx

@novemberrain I love that song! I love her period. Her music is very encouraging. I love music.

1 year ago

Wow, what a cross-road. I don’t envy you. I do envy that you are at Uni and not working 9 – 5.
Oh I think back to Uni and only 12 contact hours per week (and 12 contact hours at the Uni pub)
You know you can always defer for a semester or so and resume when you have the strength. Or you could change to part time and only take two subjects per semester. It will take longer but will lessen the mental load.
I would talk to your College/Uni coordinator/dean (no idea what you call these things in your land) and your student union. Understand what you can do and what health exemptions/rights you might have and then make a decision.
It is time you squeeze every advantage you might have from the system instead of dropping out. No one wins in that situation.
Good luck.
Here is some strength from me to you. I don’t have a lot to give but I hope it gets you up the mountain.

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