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A further complication !

I’ve just about got my head around this MS malarkey since my Dx last year . I’ve had the tremors ,balance,optic neuritis and the most important of the issues being a dropped right foot , which would send me crashing down to earth on a regular basis . Many trips to orthotics dept to the hospital generated what i can only call as half a wellington boot that straps up in two places and keeps my toe up and my heel down . Now when I bandage my foot up , before putting my foot up in my half welly ,it’s not a bad place to be . The bandages stop the blisters and the fact that it’s trying to eat my heal at the back.
The complication is I’ve got a really numb bum (It’s as polite as i can put it honest!)and to make it worse , it’s my good leg !Has anyone else suffered or endured this ? I’m finding it very difficult to move around with a dead leg sensation in my good leg as I feel I have very little control of how big the step i can take with my not so good side !
I’m hoping I’ve just pulled a muscle as I don’t think it’s MS related.

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5 years ago

Your final phrase is a very good thought. We do tend to blame everything on our MS and that is a very bad habit.
But, in this case, MS can make us feel that we have physical problems, when they are actually just sensory issues, caused by messages from the nerve endings not being understood by the brain.
Some problems can be indirectly caused by our MS. In your case, foot drop can make you adapt your walk, your gait, to compensate for the dropped foot. This compensatory action can cause problems that strain/impact the wrong muscles and may need to be identified and resolved.
If you have an assigned MS Nurse, raise the issue with them. They may be able to make a referral to a neuro-physio to check you out.
Hope this helps.

5 years ago

I too have a very dodgy leg (my right) sometimes it goes completely numb and i cannot even feel it’s there.

Thankfully as with most things ms the numbness may come and go though the discomfort i get when walking, especially any distance is always pretty bad and seems to persist permanently though with some days worse than others.

This thing we have, all we can do is take each day as it comes.

There is a neuropathic relief drug called amitriptyline which can help ease the numbness. I take these but they can make you very tired (great for good sleeping though).

I always tell anyone who gets ami’s to be careful of the dose, 10-20mg is fine in most cases for neuro relief.
Your doctor can and should advise you better on this with regard to yourself.

5 years ago

I’m afraid to say that I don’t think you can sort any of this without the input of a neuro physio. Your orthotic department has its views (they think it’s problem solved – you’ve got your wellington boot!). You need a specialist neuro physio who will a) assess your gait, b) look at what the orthotic is/is not doing c) assess your function in each muscle group and by doing all this should be able to tell you just what is going on in your leg/lumbar spine/buttock area. As @stumbler says, the problem may be caused by your abnormal gait, which is causing other muscle groups to over-compensate and giving you unpleasant symptoms. Do you have a sympathetic GP? If so, ask him/her for a referral to a neuro physio. If that’s no good, your only solution is to self-refer and self-fund. (You don’t actually need a doctor’s referral to see a physio). Incidentally, don’t go to a chiropracter – they do ‘adjustments’ but you need a proper analysis. I have to fund my own physio now since the PCT in their wisdom is no longer allowing our GPs to refer neuro patients for physio treatment: I pay £35 for a half hour treatment, but I have a feeling this may be slightly more than elsewhere. Don’t suffer any more!

5 years ago

Thanks for you input !
I have seen a neuro physio last year but she certainly doesn’t know about my new appliance. I have a great GP who has been very sympathetic to my problems , so if I wanted to see my physio again , I don’t see that being a problem.
Today, after a couple of days of constant pain and discomfort , feels a lot better , so I’ll be taking it very steady ! I’ll just monitor it and see how i go !

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