6 years ago

Hey everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas, i have RR and my legs are so weak i have too hold on to my parents to i can keep up, i only got diagnosed 6months ago and this is happening already, anyone else like this so early into it?

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my balance went funny 6 months before diagnosis, which was a bummeer for me as I used to plat my savourite sport (badly). Your balance could get better by itself amd targeted physiotherapy will definatly help you =)

Don’t worry my first real attack was last October and my legs were so weak I could not walk at all and I was hospitalised for 10 days. I am better now, with steroid treatment and alot of physio I would say I am 90% back to normal. It is really frightening but don’t worry you can get through it – I would say steroid iv treatment was a must for me when this happened.

October 2010 – sorry that wasn’t clear 🙂

i don’t fancy being in hospital and iv not been able to tell my ms nurse cause shes away so cant do anything till i see her, iv had 4 attacks already but this one is really annoying i thought was like a one day thing but lasted for a couple of days now 🙁

They say when you’re first diagnosed its quite commmon to have alot of relapses then it all settles down, so try not to worry! Easier said than done, but it will all settle down. x

you can always ask to have oral steroids, no need for a hospital stay that way

Hey Zoe, I get weakness in my legs, it’s usually my body telling me to take a break (or that I have a water infection haha)! I’d rule that out first before thinking you’re having a relapse. Also I hope it’ll make you feel better, but 4 years ago (about 18 months after diagnosis), I had to use a walking stick due to lack of balance and weak legs, I then started on copaxone and have just gone from strength to strength, and walk comepletely fine now. Relapses and their affects come, but they also go, so please don’t worry. Cathy xxx

i’ve had weakness in my legs twice,couldnt stand or walk by myself and wasnt given steroids so it lasted about 3 weeks! but it really subsides,im back to normal now..walks,gym,loooong shopping trips.

just keep faith!x

I suffer quite badly with leg weakness, both for full bown relapses and also on day to day ups and downs. There’s been 2 relapses when I needed a wheelchair for a few weeks but it does get better. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. As time goes on, it’s also easier to know what counts as a full relapse and what is just a ‘bad patch’ flare up plus it becomes less scary when your body is all over the place. It’s rollercoaster but you’re not alone. Stay strong:)x

i had my first relapse in Oct and it took me off my feet for 3 months! im on Copaxone and being referred to physio as i have weak legs and i cannot walk or stand for vry long but fingers crossed the physio combined with staying positive (although its hard) should hopefully do the trick!! Stay positive and stay strong! youll be back to normal in no time hun!! x

Aaaargh! Sorry that last post was for another thread…..sometimes smart phones aren’t that smart…….

Hey Zoe, what’s been said above is all true from my experience. My MS fun started about 3 years ago with weak legs, I was dragging myself upstairs using the handrail then feeling utterly exhausted as a result…..6 months earlier I’d climbed the 5 peaks of Snowdon so a bit of a change for me! It mostly went away again, I could walk perfectly normally but just couldn’t run. 2 years later I had it again for about 3 months but it has now gone again and I even ran for the first time in a few years the other week so keep positive, as from my experience it’s not permanent.

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