5 years ago
Touch Screen phone and MS

I have a Samsung Galaxy (which I love!) but recently my hand has been a little weak, and I’m finding it a bit more difficult to use.
I bought a Nintendo DS pen but it didn’t work on the screen. I’ve also tried regular pens.
Does anyone know if you can get anything to work?

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Hi there Lilly, I too thought I could use a DS pen with my Iphone but they do not work, Iphone have their own stylus so I guess Samsung will too for the Galaxy, the nintendo stylus works great on my sat nav, so much easier and quicker than pressing the wrong buttons!

Hi LillyLilly, your Samsung Galaxy has a capacitive screen, very basically meaning it picks up the weak electric signals from your finger tips (Almost all touchphones use this now as it’s more sensitive and allows for multi-touch actions like pinch zoom etc). A DS however, uses a resistive screen, which means it detects the pressure on the screen. There are pens for capacitive screens, the Samsung Galaxy Note has a capacitive screen and comes with a stylus which I assume can be purchased separately and should work with your Galaxy, if you pop into a Carphone Warhouse or somewhere similar they should have a pen for you to try out.

Thanks lads. Captain, you were right. The Samsung Galaxy has a capacitive screen and there are no pens available for that sort of screen! I’ll soldier on without one 😀

The Galaxy Note uses an inductive stylus which won’t work on your SII, this:


will though. Or any other capacitive stylus should you still be interested.

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