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Hey all!I am new here – official ms since June!Can I ask, do others find symptoms exacerbate when they are feeling stressed? Legs are feeling more wobbley (and weirdly light as opposed to heavy!?!) at the moment! The MS fun and games!

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7 years ago

Hello.i’m new diagnosed 1st september.i got definate link with stress n symptoms.was almost 100% over the episode n then got in a situation n since then my legs get tired easy n feels like right hand side of me is on fire.i’ve been told to start tai chi to keep calm.

7 years ago

No doubt you will be told that there is only anecdotal evidence that stress negatively affects MS.
However, I am a firm believer as I can trace two major relapses to exceptionally stressful times.

7 years ago

I definitely feel worse when there is stress in my life!

7 years ago

I had a relapse set off pre diagnosis before I was diagnosed on my first driving test/ Needless to say I didn’t pass.

7 years ago

would appear that my MS scrambled brain fidddled with the order of my words. Face palm.

7 years ago

I’m the same, Stumbler. I was going through a very stressful two weeks and got my first symptoms which led to a diagnosis within the same week. I definitely feel worse when stressed. My optical neuritus flares up within hours. I’ve started meditating and using aromatherapy/ relaxation CDs to de- stress. It’s difficult trying to change your way of managing it but it definitely helps… I’m a stress-head at heart!!!

7 years ago

Hi Vanessa..most defnitely stress will just about always bring on some form of relapse.I recently had a close family member pass away and had to deal with all their affairs…then BANG – relapse.

7 years ago

Ah thanks for all your replies – interestingly every attack I’ve had is when I’m going through emotional stress but doctors do dismiss this as a cause for a relapse!?! Aromatherapy sounds good and relaxation cds! Thanks!

7 years ago

I’m surprised you say doctors dismiss stress as a cause for relapse – the Newly Diagnosed sessions organised by my MS nurse actually highlighted stress from major life events (deaths, job loss, relationship breakdown etc.) as being a contributory factor to the chance of a relapse. Maybe it’s one of those things that varies according to who you talk to in the healthcare world!

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