6 years ago
Pain relief problems

I’ve recently tried Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Tramadol. I have had bad reactions to all of them. Are there any recommendations any of you could make as to what I could try next? I react badly to any Opiate based drug, so their out. HELP please! I’m at times in immense pain.

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Hey Pete i get really bad nerve pain in my arm and have been on a lot of medication for it. Tramadol is ok for me it seems to help a little bit, Nortryptiline works well for me as welL. Ive just been given a prescription for Carbomazapine which is an drug for epilepsy like Gapbapentin but i haven’t taken it yet. Gabapentin and Pregabalin didn’t work for me i find the anti depressant drugs for me work better but it’s finding the right one/s. I hope you find something that eases the pain for you. I know that it drives me absolutely mad when its constant on/off pain!! Good luck xx

Thanks for that. The Doc’s trying me on Duloxetine, first tab and I’m throwing up, but the pain is easier. Doh, when will this end?

I tried Duloxetine and it made me really ill. Ive actually tried it twice!! I wasnt sick but constantly felt sick and my mouth jumped and everything i did made me sweat loads …. horrible! Won’t be trying it again lol Hope it settles down for you xx

Thanks Helen. I seem to be allergic to almost everything, which sucks.

I was throwing up still at 5 this morning. That stuff is going in the bin.

Hey chick,
I too tried a few that didn’t agree with me and now on amitryptyline – related to Noramitriptiline. I reccommend you ask for that, i’m surprised that they didn’t offer you this as they’ve been used for many decades in the treatment of nerve pain.

That’s the next to be tried according to the doc.

Just beginning to feel “normal” again 22 hours after taking 1 x20mg tablet. I’d have been well f***** If I had the full dose of 40-60mg. So now I have a wasted supply of tablets. I’d asked for a trial pack, so as not to waste nhs funds. Go figure!

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