Emmy 24/03/12
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Ozzie rules?

My husband & I are seriously thinking about moving to Australia!! We have lots of friends there, and feel life would be better in the sun. Themain thing stopping us is the management of my MS. Does anyone know anything about MS & oz? I know we will have to pay med insurance, but would this cover

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6 years ago

Tysabri? Any help & advice people can offer would be amazing! xxx

6 years ago

Emmy, see if this website can help with answers:-

6 years ago

Hey Emmy … I live in Australia, from Australia etc. annnn most of all have MS.

You’d need to have private health coverage here to cover the payment of the medication.

I should/maybe be going onto Tysabri soon depending on tests. But private health insurance would cover that … I don’t feel like paying $4000 a pop for that. I am unsure how private health would work for you though moving from overseas you may have to contact one of the health companies here to check it out or get in contact with MS Australia …


If you need anything else I’ll try help.

6 years ago

I start on Tysabri next week … so I’ll see if I have to pay anything!

6 years ago

Thanks everyone!

DjBlack, have you started Tysabri now? did it go well?
I’m a little bit confused, is the Tysbri covered by your insurance? do you have to getb special insurance because you have MS?

6 years ago

Not a problem.

I had my first infusion this morning … it was completely covered by my private health fund (health insurance). Didn’t have to pay anything. Most health funds cover your conditions but if you’re moving over here there might be a waiting period for pre-existing conditions but that would be something you’d have to check with your own health fund … just ask them about what the go is here or contact one here in Australia.

We have a great health system here … I’m sure you’d be find but I would ask around first.


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