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Mercury fillings

Does anyone know about Mercury fillings and the association with MS, I met someone else with MS they strongly advised me to get mine out and replaced with white ones, I did do a year ago not sure if it has made a difference, any one else had this Amalgum removal, what do you think?

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7 years ago

Hey Lou-Lou, I went through this dilemma a few years ago. I heard the same link and spoke to my dentist (+ looked online). The response was that if the dentist is not careful, the removing of the mercury fillings could be more dangerous than just keeping them in. I ended up having the fillings removed and replaced with white ones. I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference, but I’m not really sure I was expecting to. I would be interested to know a neuro / researchers thoughts on this

7 years ago

I had mine removed and replaced with white fillings 5 years ago, I remember having a relapse shortly after.

7 years ago

Nothing is proven, so anyone who tells you otherwise is talking hokum. The only place I’ve ever read this was on What Doctors Don’t Tell You, which to my mind proves that it’s hokum. I do however continue to wonder whether it might be worth trying…

7 years ago

this prob won’t help. . . . i read early on near my diagnosis that. . . some people who had bin diagnosed with MS didn’t actually have MS but a reaction to their mercury filings??? the symptoms are sooooo similar. i hoped for a while that’s what my problem was too, i was clutching at straws maybe? so i don’t think it would make any difference having them removed unless you had MS and the mercury problems as well. ??
it’s a difficult one?
wish i could be more helpful sorry 🙂

7 years ago

glynjamyn – absence of proof is not proof of absence.

This well referenced wikipedia entry covers most of the basic facts

The issue with amalgam fillings (which are 50% mercury) is two-fold. Firstly amalgam releases tiny amounts of mercury vapour continuously from the time when they are fitted. Secondly, mercury is a heavy metal which stays in the blood stream and tissue long after the fillings are removed. So any recovery from injury caused by the mercury in amalgam would take a while.

Amalgam fillings are banned in Scandinavian countries and restricted in Germany and Austria. Personally I wouldn’t have amalgam fillings if I had the choice.

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