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I wondered where that cheeky grin had disappeared to!

I trust you are well, 🙂


Hiya Dave. The sun and hopefully the summer have arrived. All is ok at this end.

Yep I’m loving the sun too.
I’m not too bad, my balance hasn’t too good lately, but apart from that I’m grand.

So, all is well with the world. 😆

Hey Dave C! … I was thinking the other day I hadn’t seen you about here for a while! Glad you’re ok and I’ve been doing this for balance…

I think it might help if you can manage!

Enjoy the sunshine 😀 xxx

I am thrilled with myself! I used to get footdrop after 30 metres of walking, but managed to spend most of the day rambling around Neolithic tombs (Newgrange and Knowth in Meath, Ireland) and my foot only started dropping on the way back to the car about 4 hours later 🙂

That’s great Lillylilly. Nice one 🙂

I would try that Cazzy, but I can hardly bend my leg at the moment so maybe when I can I will 🙂

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