6 years ago
Feeling blue.

Hi guys. I’m looking for some of your cheeriness to ‘pep me up’! I’ve had stupid painful/ numb feet for about three weeks – which isn’t exactly a major problem, but I’m also just feeling really tired and tearful at the moment! Anyone know any good jokes to make me laugh?!?

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Hi Gem, try and adopt a mind over matter approach. That is, you don’t mind and the pain doesn’t matter. It does take a bit of practice.
Anyway, a silly joke:-
I was walking in the park the other day and I saw a guy on a bench drinking brake fluid.

I went over to him and explained how nasty brake fluid was and how he could make himself very ill.

He said, “it`s ok I can stop anytime I want!!!”

Here’s one my sister said yesterday to me:
“I went to a sea food party the other day. Was so good, I pulled a mussel”

Have to give my sis credit for that, as it’s offensively bad!

I was going to be a doctor, but I didn’t have the patients.

Courtesy of Scrubs

Why did the boy eat his homework??

Cos he thought it was a piece of cake!!!!

Hi Gem
You really must read all of the posts under sex drugs and rock and roll, Most comments, Potty Petes joke of the day, loads of jokes,bloomin hilarious, cheered me up no end!

Brilliant! Thanks guys! Has definitely put a smile on my face! 🙂

Went to a friends funeral yesterday. He was killed when a tennis ball hit him in the head. It was a lovely service.

Pete 🙂 thats funny mate

Ha ha!! 😀

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