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My 17yr old daughter (font of all knowledge (lol)has informed me that to avoid 2yrs in prison I must inform the DVLA of my MS. I downloaded the form, OMG it’s like a book!
Does anyone have experience of this? Does your insurance rocket? Will they stop me driving? Got any advice? Thanks 🙂

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6 years ago

Don’t panic! :o) The form is fairly straightforward – most of the complicated medical stuff they’ll write to your doctor for info on anyway. And I know some people on here have said that they didn’t realise they had tell the DVLA and it was months before they got round to it but it was all ok (although I wouldn’t suggest waiting as it may just complicate things!). Depending on the severity of your symptoms, standard practice seems to be to switch people with MS to short 3-year licences which are then reviewed on a more regular basis. Makes sense as MS is such a fluctuating condition! Also, if you disagree with any decision they make, you have the right to appeal against it. My symptoms don’t affect my ability to drive at all (my muscle power and vision etc has all been fine) but they still put me on a 3-year licence and it seems they do that with most MS’ers. If you need a hand with the form, your MS nurse or GP should be able to help…. :o)

6 years ago

You need to tell your car insurancee company, but all they should ask is that you’ve advised the DVLA. There should be no additional premium.

6 years ago

My insurance wasn’t affected, my company (Tesco) weren’t bothered, I just had to let the DVLA know. They wrote to my consultant and I get short licences, which makes sense. My problem now? Other nutter drivers!

6 years ago

Thanks everyone, I feel much better about it now.
I think the fact that someone pulled out in front of me on Xmas eve freaked me out a bit! They have admitted liability and the cars in the garage being fixed 🙁

6 years ago

i managed to pass my test in an automatic after I was diagnosed, I got a three year temporary license but I’ve not really driven since passing my test, it was just something I wanted to be able to say I’d achieved, to prove it to myself I suppose.

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