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7 years ago

Chlo, I’m a fair bit older than you and I have MS. I’ve also been around the block a few times, enjoying the sex and drugs and rock’n’roll (my drugs of choice were alcohol and tobacco)!
Life needs to be managed by you. This includes the various parts of life like sex, drugs and the weaknesses inherent in our bodies.
MS can be managed and allow a fulfilling life.
Sex needs to be managed to improve your feeling of self-worth.
Drugs also need to be managed to avoid the medical and physiological downsides.
Find someone to talk to and look inside yourself. You’re worth more than where you are at present.
Take care of yourself as a priority.

7 years ago

Vitamin D is your answer to help prevent you get MS possibly. 6000 units is the recommended amount. Watch this Youtube video on it 🙂

7 years ago

u know what…. ? I couldnt have advised u as good as stumbler,u need to take what hes saying word by word and life isnt shit at all. LIFE IS WHAT U MAKE IT, fair enough I can understand your mums MS must’ve been very hard for you and has had a great impact on your life but only u are in control of your life and how u deal with it. your only 16 your whole life ahead of u, this is the time to make a great future for yourself…. ur mum would be proud!!!
take the vit d as djdsouza suggested and live your life healthily and u’l b happy, im not saying u will never get MS or anything else but at least u know you’ve done everything to prevent it cos u dont wana carry guilt around with u.
goodluck hun xx

7 years ago

I’d be rambling on if I said anymore than what has been said above … all good advice.

It is really down to how much you let it get hold of you, I get down about it sometimes but just know that if I keep occupied I can get around feeling down.

Don’t let it consume you as sara123 says, life is what you make of it … we all have our moments but down let it turn into a whirlpool and suck you in.

Plenty of people on here to lend an ear or any eye (as we are reading these haha).

Make the most of the good moments you have in life and try make them last as long as you can.

All the best.

7 years ago

Ditto all the above comments. Life is what you make it. Take control of it and deal with things head on. We’re not all going to be healthy and happy all the time, that’s just the way things go. But share your worries, don’t let it consume you, enjoy the good moments and make the most of them. Yes, MS can be bad but I always take the attitude there are also much worse things out there so I’m still luckier than some others x

7 years ago

i know what your feeling although am 17 and i have ms so it is a pain in the arse, it does fuck plans up cause might feel like crap but you just get used too it after a while just got too understand about it x

7 years ago

Hi Chlo,

The way i look at things now is this- because i have MS i don’t take life for granted so anything i’ve always wanted to do i will do because of it. So read what’s been said above and don’t waste anymore time feeling like this, its wasted energy.


7 years ago

Sometimes feelnig negative can be down to your MS symptoms – ironic eh? Hope you feel better about things xxx

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