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3 months Post Lemtrada symptoms

Hi Evetyone
If you have read any of my previous posts you will know I am recently (Sept 17) diagnosed with RRMS and received ROUND 1 of lemtrada the last week of November so am now 3 months Post treatment. I am doing ok but the last few weeks I have been very tired, and developed a cold sore along with a new possible symptom?? When I flex my neck I have a very mild tingling down my arm….not painful, or numb or even weak just a weird mild tingling sensation…I suppose my question to you all is…does this necessarily mean a relapse…(a very mild one at that) or can mild symptoms appear in remission or due to bring run down/mild infection…..thank you so much for any advise…I know that 20% of people do relapse in year 1 but I’m hoping I’m in the 80% 😄😄

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3 months ago

@joanne46 , this particular symptom sounds like L’hermittes-sign, .

Yes, symptoms can surface if you’re a bit rundown. It’s MS’s way of telling you that you’re doing something it doesn’t like! Symptoms can also surface if you’re fighting an infection.

So, are you able to rest up a bit, to see if this will quieten down?

3 months ago

@stumbler thanks for your reply…I thought that may be the case but as I’ve never had this symptom before would that mean I’ve had a (mild) relapse….which is so disappointing as my treatment was supposed to prevent relapses 😥

3 months ago

@joanne46 , I’ve always viewed L’hermittes-sign as a fairly general symptom. It’s actually caused by compressing the nerves in the spinal column at the neck, which can cause the tingling sensation down the spine, etc..

You may have had it all the time, just never noticed.

For info, a good definition of a relapse can be found here:

It’s best to have a word with your MS Nurse and get their view too.

3 months ago

@stumbler thank you….I am with my ms nurse next week so will mention this to her

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