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My name is Marc and I’m new to Recently I underwent a treatment called immunoablation and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation or, IAHSCT, to treat my RRSM. I’m told that I’m just the 45th person in Canada to undergo the procedure. Although it is a bit early to say with certainty, it appears that the IAHSCT has been successful!

I’m looking to chat with others who have had this kind of treatment or anyone who may have any questions about my experiences.


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1 year ago

1 year ago

Hi @marc_doucett
Glad you are fine
What protocol was used in your clinic?
How is your recovery period going?

1 year ago

Hi @vasy

From what I was told, the protocols vary from patient to patient. For myself, my stem cells were collected about 2 months before my transplant. The transplant itself consisted of 4 days of Busulfan followed by 4 days of high does cyclophosphamide (both chemo drugs). During that time I also received 6 doses of Rabbit ATG.

On day 10 I received the transplant. It was kinda tough at first. When my immune system was down, I developed a bacterial blood infection that was quickly dealt with. since then it’s been smooth sailing. To be honest the hardest part about this has been learning to live immunocompromised when I feel better than I have in years.

I met with the Blood and Marrow Transplant team this morning and they are very happy with my progress and barring any big change, I should be able to start back to work in the next few months.

1 year ago

Sorry to chime in folks but at beginning of the year a fellow mser pointed out “Swiss Medica” and their treatment.
Would i be correct in saying its the same treatment as you got in Canada?

Thanks. Lisa 🙂

1 year ago

The “Swiss Medica” option seems to be almost a daycare treatment, without the aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

So, they shouldn’t be compared.

1 year ago

Ok. Thanks for that.
I did speak with someone briefly from Swiss Medica but tbh i wasn’t so interested when they said they can’t give an exact price. Maybe that’s just how it is.
Im sure it was something like 7k to start with but goes up daily.

1 year ago

Hi @cherish
iahsct costs around 40 k$ In Russia (pirogov clinic). I expect it costs no less 3x-4x of that elsewhere.

Thanks, Mark, for detailed response. Do you need to re-immunize yourself with all standard vaccines after that treatment?

1 year ago

Hi @vasy

I will need to get all of my vaccinations again. That process should start about one year post transplant.

It’s worth mentioning that with my compromised immune system, I’m taking a bunch of drugs to help ward off infections. In addition to the oral meds, I receive monthly IVIG infusions (human immuno globulin) this is the magic sauce!

1 year ago

Hi Marc,
A family member of mine in his early 40s with really rapidly progressing MS is looking to participate in stem cell research in Canada.
I was wondering if I can get any information about the process and/or the contacts for the hospital or the doctor you are working with.
I would really appreciate any help


11 months ago

I was thrilled to read these posts about stem cell therapy for treating (should I say curing MS), I have been saying that stem cells are the answer to relieving MS patients. I have talked to several neurologists about my participation in a clinical study and they said I was not ‘sick enough’ to risk the procedure.

Most of the US news on stem cells for MS say that there are charlatans promising recovery for a lot of money knowing the methods used are not valid. I know that stem cells are used for leukemia, my sister had this blood cancer and stem cell replacement was used to keep her healthy long term. Today she is an attorney for the DOJ and runs marathons, 20 years after her immune system was destroyed and replaced with her own ‘clean’ stem cells. I think stem cells are being studied for diabetes and heart conditions. I guess when I become or ‘sick enough’ I will need to travel to London. Marc will your procedure repair the myelin sheath on your cells that were damaged by MS?

I would love to visit London, stem cells or not!

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