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2nd relapse causing trouble

Hi everyone,

Im new here. Im currently in the middle of my 2nd relapse. The first one was nothing i couldnt handle. This one has affected me differently and has left me with quite bad anxiety. Has any one else suffered anxiety as a result of a relapse? How did you approach it and how are you now?

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1 year ago

Hi robl
I’m also new here. How long have you had ms ? I was diagnosed in 2014
I fully understand your feelings of anxiety, your mind is all over the place my last relapse was hard & even though relieved when over you are anxious as to when it will happen again. If you have an ms nurse chat with them your feelings are a big part of how you cope/manage your ms


1 year ago

Hello there,

I was diagnosed with rapidly advancing RRMS last summer following two relapses within five months, the second of which put me in hospital for three weeks. Thankfully, I managed to find a superb consultant who got me onto Tysabri last September. Thankfully, I have not had a relapse, and I’m seven months in. I do, of course, remember each relapse. The consultant neurologist in the hospital was a “generalist”, not a multiple sclerosis specialist. I only found my current consultant after release from hospital. The difference between the two was phenomenal, they were worlds apart. I think the consultant can make an enormous difference to how we are treated by the system.

I see that you are on Tecfidera. What has your consultant said about Your current DMT? Might it be time to shift up to something harder hitting? It seems like that is a conversation that you need to have quickly. You have lots of friends on this site, who have enormous collective experience. Don’t feel shy about asking questions. we know how you feel.

Take care, and good luck.

Best wishes,


1 year ago

Hi @robl and welcome.

Anxiety is one of those problems that you can acknowledge, but dealing with it is another story. There are some details here :-

1 year ago

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! I was also diagnosed in 2014 after a case of optic neuritis, missed by me but noticed by a friend. I had an mri scan recently and have a meeting with the neurologist in 3 weeks to look at scans and discuss wether switching meds is something we want to do. The anxiety is odd and seems present me with worst case scenarios to twitches and leg pains rather than assigning it to MS.

Thanks again

1 year ago

Hi Rob, Don’t worry too much, stress is not good for your ms I’m on Tecfidera as well but have only just started (3 months ago) having been on Beta Interferonfor 23 years, so you can guess my the name and the above info I have had the beast for ae afor a long time and had relapse 20 last October so I might be considered the closest to an expert among a few others around here. Many years ago there wasn’t a choice of treatment, and we’re all so different relapses as well, it’s unlikely that no 2 will be the same as no1, if we knew what was going to happen each time we could go into the clairvoyance business! Keep your chin up, keep in touch with your ms nurse and the neurologist and us😍
. L

1 year ago

Thank you all so much. Its so helpful to talk to you all and feel your support. My MS nurse is great and always manages to allay my fears. I hope i can be as helpful to somebody as you are being one day 😊

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