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Hi everyone, I know that it just isn’t possible to stay positive all the time in the […]

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Howdy all, Just a quick reminder that if you ever receive any ‘dodgy’ messages or experience anything […]

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HI everyone. It’s been a long time, but MS Hacks is back. This time, I’d like you […]

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Hi All, I’m 29, recently married and in the final throws of writing my PhD – the […]

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I’ve been having so much trouble sleeping at night so I end up walking around the neghborhood […]

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So I have been dealing with blurry vision in my right eye for a couple weeks but […]

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Hi, Was just wondering whether or not anyone else here another health condition/disability besides MS to deal […]

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Hi I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 This was via a MRI and lumber puncture. Up […]

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Hi everyone. I wanted to ask how you feel about this. I have gotten an incredible chance […]

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Hi Everyone, Ive been thinking about applying for PIP recently and was wondering if I could get […]

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Hey everyone it’s been a while Yesterday I was diagnosed with another autoimmune disease called Graves’ disease […]

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So today i went to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in birmingham to see the M.S. specialist who […]

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Hi I’m new to this site and new to ms really. I was diagnosed April 27th 2018 […]

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It’s now so bad it’s stopping getting involved – going for 5 days of iv steroids tomorrow […]

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hey 👋 i came off sertraline/zoloft last autumn because of various side effects. the withdrawal was awful […]

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Good morning, has anyone been told to manage their stress levels? Im after some simple tips to […]

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Hi, I’m a newbie and have found myself drawn to this site as I await confirmation of […]

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