About MS Reporters


Who are Shift.ms?

Shift.ms, the social network, aims to support adjustment to MS from diagnosis onwards.

To accomplish this, Shift.ms is focused on achieving the following outcomes:

• Reduced isolation and increased social support for MSers

• MSers acknowledging and actively managing their condition

• A self-sustaining community, run by its members

What is the ‘MS Reporters’ project?

The MS Reporters project aims to train people with MS (MSers) to become citizen journalists. The MS Reporters are teamed up with local MS Experts (neurologists, researchers, specialist nurses, therapists etc.) to interview them with questions generated by the wider MS community.

Every question is captured on a smartphone by a volunteer ‘Buddy’, edited down and added to an online video library.

This video explains the project further.

While this video is an example of an MS Reporters interview.