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I know you probably have been asked this question a million times, feel free to ignore. I am wondering if I should be following the overcoming MS diet? I have done some research (not just a google search but I’ve read a lot of medical and scientific articles the last few weeks) that is suggesting that cutting out saturated fats, so all meat except fish, diary and cheese, along with taking omega-3, vitamin D, flax seed and so on, can have a massive impact on your symptoms and leasions. Now, I LOVE chicken and cheese. So I need to be more sure before cutting that joy out of my life. Well, the chicken I could do without, but the cheese.. Has anyone ever discussed this with your neurologist? I suggested it with mine but he was like “Meh, There’s no real proof any of those holistic approaches work. Just eat enough vegetables and excercise”. Sooo.. what is your expierence with this?
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