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switching from tysabri to kesimpta

hey, after being on tysabri, since a fortnight after diagnosis, nearly 8 years ago. my last JCV test came back positive so i'm getting switched to a different treatment, kesimpta. i'm curious as to what side effects, if any, that i can expect from this new drug? most of the ones from tysabri sound like they are effects of the infusion, so it'll be nice not to have to worry about those any more - or take paracetamol constantly, every 4 hours from waking. my wife does seem quite (too!) enthusiastic about injecting me, though autoinjectors sound quite easy. it'll also be good not to loiter around in the hospital for like, 4-6 hours a time (last time i saw a consultant about switching to a a different drug, this was my only complaint, but, if it aint broke, dont fix it, was the impression i got from her). anyway, i need an mri and a lumbar puncture before, happy days. probably penultimate treatment today :-/

It's not easy switching treatments! There are some stories here: https://shift.ms/search/kesimpta.