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Last dose of Tysabri yesterday :-(

so, after almost 8 years of Tysabri, having returned a positive JC test (high titre, 1.48), i'm going to be switching to kesimpta. it's been in my fridge for about 4 weeks already, but i can't start it until 1) i get trained (its an autoinjector. i mean, its as close to idiot proof as it can get, right? and 2) some random dr gets to wave a vial of my CSF at me with a smile on his face, after having the 3rd LP of my MS career. oh and to make things even more fun i need a root canal on an upper molar the week before. still, it'll give me something to compare the LP to right? not scared of either prospect (had both done before), but i reckon the root canal will be worse. though in the week or so after the LP, i'll probably change my mind, if i can think beyond the bastard post tap headache that is.

Wow that sounds a lot of things to manage. I’m sure the dentist will be as careful as possible. Do they give pain relief for after? Or is it a case of getting some paracetamol etc. why are you having a third LP? I thought they were only for diagnostic purposes? All the best for your procedures.


@Clary i'm sure the dentist will be :-) haven't had pain relief after suggested, but theres always paracetamol/ibuprofen in the house if i need something. 3rd lp because i had one for initial diagnosis 8 years ago, one for a relapse near the start of the pandemic, this one because its one of the boxes i have to tick to get funding for kesimpta