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Neuros report = Huh??

My second opinion Neuro report states the following: Neurological exam notable for R hip flexor weakness and brisk nonlateralizing LE reflexes. Hip Flexion (R 5-) Failed the Romberg test. Head pain not convincing for Migraines(which I know) and is consistent with TN (Neuralgia). With other constellation of sxs and decr level of function, would be thinking demeylinating dz. Referring to RM MS Clinic. I undersstand some of it, but I hate being in limbo land. She tested my B12 and it was high 1200. Which probably means nothing. I am taking 10,000iu of Vit D (level was 12 in Feb 2012 and now is only 27... despite months and months of Vit D supplements. I am trying to go with the flow. But seriously tired of the doctor game. I tried calling my doc to get information about my copy of the medical report... but they are near impossible to get calls back. the Neurontin is helping my TN.. but now have to increase the dosage. I have no insurance until Nov (new job) so I can't go to the MS clinic until November. :( Fun Fun fun lol



Yes I agree.......huh? It's all so confused. I hope you can make sense of it soon. X



Hi, I'm afraid I can't offer any wisdom on this either- very frustrating. I wish they would end all letter like this with a final summary sentence in plain English! I found a useful website that describes several of the neurological tests that we've all done many times and wondered what on earth they are for. It's written by a fellow MS-er and I had a couple of 'ah...that's why they ask me to do that' moments so thought I'd share it x http://www.healthcentral.com/multiple-sclerosis/c/19065/130283/signs



Thanks for sharing :) Yeah, reading the reports boggles the mind. That site is helpful! While the neuro was doing the test, she just kept writing notes and when I asked her, she just would mumble distractedly and would continue. Afterwards she referred me to MS clinic, and when I tried to asked her she just shrugged and she just asked if I knew what 'demylenating disease" was... and then said "probable MS.." - end of exam. But I wanted to know details.. like what was she looking for. What did my tests show etc... so I got a copy of her notes. Also have many lesions in not usual places... temporal lobes and fronto-parietal lobes. I'm sure they will do a follow up MRI w/ contrast since it was 8 months ago.