The Lightning Talks | MS tips in 60 seconds

The Lightning Talks were created so that we can share in each other's MS wisdom as a community. Whether it's career, love-life, medication, or anything else - we hope you find our ever-growing library of 60-second videos useful 💚


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Lightning Talks: MS & Anxiety

MS & anxiety go hand in hand. Living with a chronic illness, being diagnosed during the pandemic, or simply handling daily life can get pretty messy and affect your mental health. Anxiety has been with me during the last months, luckily I've found healthy ways to cope with it. Here are my three ti...


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My lightning talk

Hello fellow MSers, I'm really excited to share this. so I made this video for lightning talks during lockdown. I love helping towards the MS community and this one is directly for which they'll be sharing on socials soon. I've had to adapt quite a lot now and it's not getting any easi...