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Body tingling sensations

Hi all, ;) Hope you are well. I get a lot of body tingling sensations, does anyone get it too and do you do anything to help it get better or go away? It makes me feels extremely uncomfortable and like my body is melting and sometimes itchy. I find a lot of the symptoms hard to explain in terms of how it feels too. Thanks in advance

Hey Yorete, I deal with a lot of tingly numb sensations aswell. I’m not sure if there is anything that really helps out, I think it is just a part of the progression unfortunately..


I get it all the time. Legs, feet,sides, back, arms and hands all at random and very annoying. Unfortunatly i dont have any tips on how to deal with it i just wait untill it eventualy disapears. I used to itch during my first flare up but that turned to pain in the areas that were itchy i hope that makes sence. Im not saying that will happen to you or anything im just sharing my experiance. I hope it gets better