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MS Champions....

As we gear up to witness amazing feats of athleticism and perseverance at the Olympic Games, let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible strength and determination of individuals living with multiple sclerosis (MS). These everyday heroes face unique challenges with unwavering courage and resilience, showcasing their own version of Olympic-level endurance in the game of life. Imagine if there were Olympic events tailored specifically for those living with MS. Picture this: athletes lining up to compete in events that highlight their incredible tenacity and spirit. In the "Challenge of Change Collection," contestants would be tasked with picking up £1.37 worth of loose change off the floor within a specified time limit. This seemingly simple task takes on a whole new level of difficulty for individuals with MS, as they navigate issues with balance, dexterity, and coordination. Every coin retrieved would symbolize a victory over the obstacles they face daily. Next up, the "Pint Relay Race" would test participants' ability to carry a filled pint glass without spilling a drop while racing 100 meters. Balancing the delicate glassware while dealing with spasms, tremors, or muscle weakness would require a blend of focus, control, and sheer determination. The finish line represents not just the end of a race, but a celebration of strength and perseverance. For a more intense challenge, the "Sauna Endurance Test" would push competitors to spend 20 minutes in a sauna, navigating the heat sensitivity that many with MS experience. The mental fortitude required to endure the sweltering temperatures echoes the inner strength needed to face the daily uncertainties of living with a chronic condition. Each minute would be a testament to their resilience and ability to adapt in the face of adversity. And finally, imagine a "Triathlon of Triumph" specially designed for individuals with MS. This ultimate test of strength and courage would combine swimming, cycling, and running modified to accommodate the unique abilities and limitations of each athlete. Every stroke, pedal, and step would represent a triumph over the physical and emotional hurdles that come with MS, with the finish line symbolizing the power of perseverance and determination. These hypothetical Olympic events serve not only as a playful reflection of the challenges faced by those living with multiple sclerosis but also as a tribute to their unwavering spirit and unwavering determination. The true gold medals are not won on a podium but in the daily victories, both big and small, that define their journey. So, as we marvel at the world's top athletes competing on the global stage, let's also take a moment to applaud the unsung champions navigating their own Olympic-sized obstacles with grace and courage. In the game of life, the real champions are those who face adversity head-on and inspire us all to see the limitless potential of the human spirit.

Yeah you know I was watching something about assisted suicide yesterday which was really interesting and completely changed how I had thought about the whole thing. I had previously thought that maybe it might be a good option to have that choice of assisted suicide should things get to a certain point in the future, loss of independence and dignity. However the programme made me realise how strong and inspirational people living with chronic health conditions and disabilities really are!!! We have to keep going and enjoy our lives as best we can and if other people have a problem with that, it isn’t our problem and if we need people to bath us and wipe our arses so be it. Life is short, let’s live it as best we can and keep positive/ a sense of humour. I would like to watch some olympics for people with MS, it would be hilarious, although probably would nt comply with health and safety stuff 😂. We could definitely compete with anyone when it comes to Sheree determination and perseverance and never giving up xxx keep going everyone!!!


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