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Calling all Secondary Progressive MS people!

Ok people, I would appreciate some advice from Secondary Progressive MS’ers (SPMS). Diagnosed with RRMS in 2009, and been on and off mickey mouse drugs AKA beta interferons/ Rebif, Plegridy etc. for past 14 yrs. Only recently I started a highly effective drug- Ocrevus- end 2021. However, I feel like I’m transitioning into SPMS since end of 2021. My right leg mobility is getting weaker and I tire quickly with the smallest activity. Fatigue is daily and is exasperated by smallest activity. Im due for spinal mri soon, so that may help clarify things for the neurologist. As my brain mri showed no new lesions. So my questions to SPMS people: 1. what drugs are you on? Do they help with your symptoms? 2. what is your daily living like, symptom wise. 3. are you still able to work? I have a homebased desk job. 4. anything else you think is worth mentioning? And thank you for your thoughts on this.