MS Diagnosis & MS Symptoms

You probably have a million questions about MS. A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can leave people feeling frustrated, angry and confused about their health and future. Here are some of the many conversations about MS diagnosis and and symptoms being discussed by the community right now. Find your expert here.


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Hidden- the staircase - symptoms Hi guys, I'm Cathy, an MSer and a producer of Hidden, I worked on Hidden with a focus from development to edit on the representation of MS and its symptoms. One of the ideas I had early on generated from my own feelings of being newly diagnosed in an urban envi...


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Newly diagnosed

Hey, So I've recently been diagnosed with rrms, after a year of numbness and pins and needles down my left side, optical neuritis in my left a number of times and awful fatique, I finally got my ms diagnosis in January (happy new year to me). I'm due to start treatment soon which is ocervus (not sur...


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diagnosis confusion?

Hello all, having recently been diagnosed with primary progressive MS, after an uphill fight of over a year to get a diagnosis, I wonder if anyone else on here has had a diagnosis blaming alcohol abuse for their MS. My latest clinic letter, after an MRI of my brain and spinal cord with dyes would se...


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What lead you to your MS diagnosis?

I would like to start a thread to find out how others found out lead others to their MS diagnosis... I found out I had MS by fluke and for that I am extremely grateful! I started out with what I can only describe as ‘my own legs not feeling like my own’...I got bloods done and found out I was defici...