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Hi guys! I’ve been struggling with numbness on my whole left body part (head to toe). Gladly I can still move normally, but I wonder what you guys do when you experience numbness. When I am alone with my thoughts , I tend to focus on it too much and eventually it drives me mad.. what do you guys do about this feeling? Hope you have a wonderful and relaxed weekend! Sending you lots of greetings from Germany 😊 Sara #spreadingpositivity

Would doing more of the things you love help you not focus on it? Is there something you haven't tried or a new hobby you'd love to do but just haven't found the time before? I've experienced odd numbness in fingers and hands, even half my tongue goes numb on occasion so I can appreciate it driving you mad when alone. 🧡


@v9mpy Thanks for your advice! 🧡 I try to do other things to distract myself. But sometimes I find myself in such situations when I might do work for Uni and I just take a quick breather. I think it’s just the frustration that this certain feeling occurs in the worst situations 😅 Yeah the tongue is a bad one, do you have problems swallowing too then?