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Right I might get some hate for this post but can we all take a bit of responsibility here Please 🙈😬 Life and relationships should be about balance & give/take in reality we all know that that, takes work and rarely in practice does this happen. BUT we have MS -it means we have to deal with unbelievable crap 💩 many of us on a daily basis -for some of us we get relapses that add to the daily load for others it’s an ongoing cycle that just keeps giving but WE have to take responcility for the changes too. Between the symptoms, treatments and medication side effects and support services 😳🙄we can change as people too. Our personalities, moods, coping abilities, strategies and mental health all can fluctuate too WE can be a lot to put up with especially as people don’t live this they only know the third hand experience which can be a colossal thing for those around us and not something that everyone will be able to understand, experience or accept. WE ARE ALL HUMAN, we all change, we all make mistakes, we all have bad days but we have to accept that it’s not always everyone else’s problem …..sometimes it is actually our fault and we have changed in a way that people won’t like or accept too… so when this happens I think we ALL need to find ways of moving on in our own ways but without it being destructive either to ourselves or others. Life isn’t perfect but PLEASE don’t let MS turn us into ASSH😱LES!!!!!!! And for me this can be a DAILY fight but it’s one I’m committed too 💪 https://youtu.be/2MAeXiEdsL0

Not trying to bitch, moan or preach and really don’t like the sound of my own voice PROMISE!!!!! 🙈🙊🙉😬