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Hey guys! Haven’t been on this for some time and hope everyone is doing great (besides the mess we deal with)! I started Aubagio in the start of the pandemic & there were definitely a few changes. I dealt with the hair thinning/loss, acne on my face 😞, low WBCs, and weight loss. I lost a great amount of weight so fast that I thought something else was up with my health. I searched so many times on weight loss being a side effect but nada! So after a few weeks& months of tracking my food, I noticed I was not eating that much. I realized that it makes you lose your appetite. I didn’t even realize how I was never hungry (not like me 😂). Luckily, I began to eat more so I can gain my weight back. I asked this over a year ago but does anyone take Aubagio? What are your thoughts on it? Much appreciated! ✨