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I hate

I hate my body, I hate this Constant fatigue. I hate being F A T dieting doesn't work for me. One more thing I hate complaining because there is a lot worse going on this world! Ms really suckssss! Rant over 😡😭 I feel angry and sad and incredibly lonely

You are 23 years old. At that age, I also hated everything and I'm fairly sure most people do. Yes, MS sucks and life is not a joyride but it can still be pretty great. Take it from someone who has seen some shit - don't go looking for big moments or grand adventures. Find your joy in the little things. You will begin to see how life is still worth living.


You are not alone. MS is 💩. Complain here as much as is necessary. We all understand. Fatigue is extremely debilitating 😢 . We hear you and understand.