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My optimism is growing and growing in the belief that one day there will be significant treatment which would benefit all of us, perhaps even sooner than we expected, so much funding has gone into Multiple Sclerosis and I am starting to gently raise my head day-by-day. I wish you all the very best!



@jayjay10, we can all but hope...........



@jayjay10, I think you’re quite right. The current level of research isn’t going to take us backwards. I mean, I’m not hoping for a cure, but to stop it dead and start reversing a bit would be more than welcome...... :-)



I'm optimistic as well. Several trials and many many smart researchers looking at both stopping and repairing the damage (remyelination). But when is the question. Would we see something in the next 5-10 years ? Or maybe even earlier ? Hoping ......



As an old codger who has had the beast for a long time and now verging on spms I hope that re-myelination is seriously on the cards, we can but live in hope!🙏🏻🤞😍 you are very young and hope will mean even more to you🥊



Hey guys, Nice to hear from you all, it gives me great comfort in reading all these comments. I myself genuinely believe that there will be a breakthrough within the next 5 years, something of which that will greatly change our lives.



Jay, I think your spot on... lot going on in this space... lot happening right now but you probably need money or generosity to take advantage of it.. I admire your positive outlook and I share it.... MSers had a hard run for most of the time, but things are looking up for the future.... I have fingers crossed next 10-20 yrs will make big strides... cure or halt I don't know.... but slowing things down to an acceptable level we could all live with... X