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Parents- how do you take rest when you need it? Expecially when everyone in the house is sick. I live with and take care of my nephew full-time while my brother works away. A couple of weeks ago we had a week of no sleep. I'm still recovering from that because it triggered all of my symptoms. I'm very hesitant to have kids of my own because I feel like stress management and rest as a mother is d damn near impossible. Any advice or warnings from people who are doing it?

@Janeturp Get help. I ended up being a single mum looking after two kids, whilst holding down a full time job. Build up a support network, friends, family. If you don't ask, you won't get. I don't know your circumstances but what if you got someone who could look after your nephew part of the time he is with you, so you could then give yourself a break.


I'm not a parent but I am a carer for my mum who has cancer and dementia. It can be very draining so you will need support, I recently was so exhausted that I was signed off work because my body just crashed.