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Has anybody handed their driving license back to DVLA and voluntarily stopped driving??? I was referred to an assessment centre by my MS nurse and they recommended that I stop driving a manual transmission car 6 months ago. I have had a couple of lessons in an automatic car and trying to hold onto my license and I’m a/w another assessment but I don’t know if it’s worth the trouble. They are concerned about my cognitive skills , response time etc and said as an experienced driver I shouldn’t have any problems in an automatic…. They said they would give me the benefit of the doubt as I’d not been in an automatic car before. I have been in denial and probably still am… I have had some lessons but it is expensive and very tiring… I have recently been medically retired and have been doing school run in taxis. I think I can drive but now it feels as if things on the road are really close and it is hard to judge speed. Is it time for me to just call it a day on the car driving now or have more lessons and another assessment which has been my plan to date but now I’m starting to think I’m kidding myself and wasting my time and £ and the assessment centre will probably still tho k I am not safe to drive. Advice appreciated xxx

Thats a really hard question to answer. I think it depends on how confident you are. I have an automatic but I don’t enjoy driving as it is so uncomfortable, I’m only driving short distances now. A neurologist told me that when it comes to driving his MS patients “ know their limits “


I sent my licence back and completed the “surrendered” form. I believe it was time as my peripheral vision is poo