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What are people’s thoughts about how the food you eat affects your ms? I have spms after RR diagnosed 2009. I have always til now been very active but now I am not. I sometimes try to go on strict diet’s cutting out processed food dairy and meat etc but I love all those things and there’s not much else that I love to do that I can still do? Is it my fault that my condition is progressing because I don’t have the willpower to not eat pizza biscuits and desserts for much longer than a 2 weeks?

My view is eat what you want when you want, in moderation. Life with MS is tough enough without some pleasures


@Helen_Weeks I don't think that what you eat will affect your condition progressing, but it may affect some of your symptoms. @watsoncraig has it right, everything in moderation. Try swapping stuff out, so I like a dessert so I swapped mine for a yoghurt. I make my own granola bars, we do "make your own pizzas" so they aren't shop bought and you control what goes on them. Make small changes and then throw in some exercise, something is better than nothing, lots of options on YouTube and they are free. Dr Aaron Boster, an American neurologist who posts videos on YouTube and he has done a couple on diet and exercise.