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Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriately commonly known as SAD, is a main sub-type of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) (Pinel & Barnes, 2018). SAD typically occurs during the winter months and can be caused by reduced daylight hours and changes to circadian rhythms, impacting levels of neurotransmitters responsible for depression. Dull, gloomy winter days not only look “blah”, they can cause you to feel “blah” as they trigger depression. Have you noticed your mood worsens in the fall and improves in the spring with longer daylight hours? If so, it’s possible SAD is triggering your depression. I know, I know, MS is triggering your depression (and mine), but maybe you are carrying a double load of depression, i.e. SAD depression and MS depression. If you suspect that could be the case, get thee assessed for SAD. I can give you some hints for dealing with SAD.

Hi Heidi, my wife was speaking about this the other day. She said I should get one of those sad lights. Do you use a light?


Hi @Alec yes I use a SAD light. It seems to help.